When we try to help out God

GENESIS 27:1-29

It’s interesting that even before Jacob and Esau were born God said “and the elder shall serve the younger”. God had selected the roll of Jacob and Esau before they came to the world. God already knew their character, their hearts and God made a choice. He elected Jacob and the blessed was already present. Here we could think of selection in world terms and say that’s not fair, the guy didn’t even have a chance in life and he was already not part of the blessing. But we are not like God. Our minds are not like Gods’ mind. We don’t have the knowledge that God has. God already knows the heart, he knows the outcome. He already knows the results and the bitterness in our hearts. He selects those He knows will serve Him. He elects those people that He knows have the heart for the calling. God doesn’t make mistakes, he knows the results and he elects according to His knowledge. In this scripture, He selected Jacob and His mother knew what was going on because she asked God and she knew that Jacob was the one that God selected. Because of this, Rebekah favored Jacob. As she heard that Isaac gave instructions to Esau, she acted and told Jacob to do this so that he might receive the blessing.

Isaac blessed Jacob because it was God’s will, but Rebekah made a mistake in thinking that God needed help to achieve his purpose. Sometimes we think that we can help out God by doing things ahead to make the blessing come to us. This same thing happened to Sarah as she gave her husband to have a child with Hagar (the servant). Sarah thought that she was helping out God by doing this. This isn’t really how things work. Sometimes we have to wait for the right time for the blessing to arrive. You might have a Word from God and the knowledge that He has something for you, and you’ve waiting for a long time for that blessing, but that’s exactly what you should do, wait. From this story we know that what God will accomplish His purpose because his purposes don’t fail. We must yield ourselves to God, because we will enjoy a reward for being the instrument, but the work of God doesn’t depend on our plans. We don’t have to plan things and come up with schemes to bring forth the work of God, He has His ways because He never fails. He doesn’t need our help. God is able! He’s not dependent on us, we are dependent on Him.

Have you ever been in Rebekah’s shoes? Sometimes we see things happening that make us jump into conclusions in thinking that God will miss out on the blessing. His promises are true and will not fail. He doesn’t need us to jump in and come to rescue. Wait on Him to bless you, don’t jump and take things under your control. Yield to His purpose and His will, because doesn’t matter if it looks like you will miss out on your blessing, that’ll never happen. He will make it happen. He will bless you. Let him do it on His terms, it’s a matter of time, a matter of trust. God already chose you from the moment you were in the womb, there is nothing that could happen to you that would make the blessing miss you. Even if Rebekah didn’t plan to tell her son to grab that blessing, Jacob would have still been blessed. Even if your vision seems to be clouded, your calling has not been revoked, your blessing is there. You will see, if you wait on Him! Learn to trust and recognize His place and sovereignty.