Unplugged Programs: Unplugged is an organization dedicated to building up youth into becoming productive parts of the community by encouraging use of creative arts and biblical principles. We do so by: feeding the hungry, helping those in need, serving the poor, building relationships with at-risk youth, and providing an inviting atmosphere for unity and fellowship. Our programs at the local schools have created a momentum among the youth within the educational systems that has never been seen before in any other religious organization. Collaborations have been made with school staff and with other local dignitaries to reach the common goal of making a positive change toward the preservation of moral character, especially in the Hispanic community.

Unplugged Worship

We utilize students’ natural inclination towards creative arts in order to change their environment in a positive way. Whenever we meet, expression in the form of music and other arts such as dance, theatre, poetry, and painting play a central role, a unique feature of our meetings not found in other groups. This engaging component has impacted attitudes towards biblical teachings. Through the worship ministry, we strive to lead people into the presence of God.

Unplugged Young Adults (Ages 18+)

We encourage members of our groups to become trained creative artists and at the same time provide equipment to do so. Through the creative arts, we have been able to attract youth and have created unity. Thus, we convey biblical principles that ultimately lead us to serve the needy through stewardship. Free Bibles and care packages provided to new visitors.

UYouth (Ages 12-17)

Bible and Worship program for middle school and high school ages.

Unplugged Prayer” is the student prayer ministry.

Unplugged prayer gathers to intercede for our community. We have prayer outreach activities where we go to different homes to assist with prayer in unity. We teach youth how to pray and we go through various series on different prayer related topics.


Unplugged GO” is the evangelism and outreach ministry.

Unplugged GO exists to provide free meals, visit elderly homes, assist and partner with local food pantries, and many other community service related things.