Have you lost something?

2 Kings 6 tells us a story about a prophet loosing his ax in the river. He became upset because the ax was borrowed. Elisha threw a stick into the river where the ax fell into, and the ax miraculously floated to the top. Crazy thing is, that ax was made of iron, which should have never floated back up!
When we read this scripture, we can easily bypass it, because we see it’s just about someone loosing an ax. But when you really study it and open your spiritual eyes and ears, you learn that it’s more than an ax being found.
Pretend that “your ax” was something you lost. For example, you lost a blessing, peace, financial stability, maybe even your reputation, or something else. God cares about the little things such as an “ax”, as well as the big things in your life.
Sometimes we need to go back and see where we lost our ax, and ask God to help us find it. Friend, your ax isn’t completely gone, it’s sitting at the last place you left it, waiting to be found again.
Keep seeking, keep knocking, keep praying!


What have you lost, and are having trouble finding because you are doing it alone?

2 Kings 6:1-7

Devotional By: Mairyn Paredes Torres