Why Am I Called?

Preached by By Crystal Montalvo on June 12, 2013 – First Series of “On Your Mark, Get Set, Grow!”
Most of us don’t understand why we are called. Do you? Most of us are confused, or at one time have been confused. But I come to tell you that God has a plan for every single one of us here, just how he has a plan for Moses, Jeremiah, and his disciples. Its a plan to prosper and to give us hope for the future NOT A LIFE OF DISASTER AND THAT IS GOING TO HARM US [See: Jeremiah 29:11] God wants the best for us, but its up to us to grasp it. The majority of the time we don’t take the time to ask God “why?”…”what do you want me to do?” why am I called? Or even worse God answers us, and we don’t take the time to listen to Gods voice, or were to distracted by other things. A lot of times youth now a days are having a hard time to identify Gods voice.. confusing the enemy’s voice with God’s. The enemy’s voice is loud and God’s voice is calm (Like a whisper).

There are many that are here and don’t know why they are called or don’t believe the plans God has for them.

We often use the excuse of:

“I am to shy”
“I cant sing the way she sings”
“I cant play the way he plays”
“I cant preach the way he preaches”
…as much as God saw it in them he sees it in us.

I use myself as an example. I would walk around day after day not really understanding what God wanted me to do with me. I knew I was called but I didn’t believe it, my vision wasn’t clear and I also made excuse after excuse…until God used 3 different people to speak to me and it was “I have called you to read my Word, learn my Word, and preach my Word”.

People, it’s time that we are a generation that moves, submits and seeks what God wants us to do.