Are You a Fan of God?

We are all a fan of something or someone. There’s something that gets each of us excited. Many times we scream out the names of artists or teams when we’re cheering for them at concerts or games. Many people have a view of church today as boring and a God not worth cheering for. The song It’s All Because by BridgeCity shows us a big group of people being fans of God. Why would someone be a fan of God?

Below I will give you a few reasons for us to be excited about God.

He Created All Things

God is the creator of the universe. We serve a powerful God who created the earth and He is worthy of our praise. He is the mastermind behind all the different animals, plans, colors, textures & designs. Genesis 1:1-5 tells us how it all started. That should be enough reason to be a fan of God. If a painter, a musician or a sport team has our cheer, the creator of the whole universe deserves even higher praise, He created it ALL.

He Protects Us

God keeps us safe. He watches over us even when we’re sound asleep. Psalm 3:1-5 speaks about how safe we are in God. This is another reason why we should be a fan of God, he’s our “Super Hero” the one who watches over us and makes sure we’re safe, always.

Answers Prayers

First of all, God listens to our prayers, when we’re fans of him, he answers our prayers. He hears our requests, and if our requests are according to His plan for us, He gives us the desires of our hearts. What an amazing God we have, that He gives us what we ask for! John 14: 13-14 says he answers prayers. We believe this truth and get excited with the thought of a God that answers our prayers!

Provides Salvation

He’s a God that provides a way into heaven. God sent His only son, knowing that we were sinners, to die for us. Christ died for us even when it meant leaving his throne in heaven. Romans 5:8 says that God demonstrates His love for us by sending His only son for our salvation. We are fans of God because He loves us, died for us and will never give up on us.

Gives New Life

2 Corinthians 5:14-17 says that we are created new when we believe in Christ. He makes us into new people, he changes our old ways and transforms us into people that live like Christ did. Loving, kind, gentle, compassionate, patient, peaceful, joyful, faithful & the list goes on. Before Christ, we’re the opposite of these things and after Christ, we are made brand new, evil no longer conquers in our hearts! We’re fans of God because He gives transforms us to be more like Him.

He Chose Us

God chose us for a life controlled by Him. He keeps us safe from evil trials and chose us out of the judgement set out for those who walk in wicked ways. 2 Peter 2:9 says we’re chosen and set apart for safety unlike the wicked set out for the fire of judgement. We’re a fan of God because he’s righteous!

Sent His Son to Forgive, not Condemn

We love the fact that God sent his only son to die for us, no only that, but He also came to this world to forgive and not condemn us. His mercy and compassion are worthy of praise. His grace and love make us bow down at His feet and give him thanks. John 3:16-17 speaks of this grace and the love of God for humanity.

As you can see, we have many reasons to love a God that is personal, that relates to us. We are not fans of someone that doesn’t know us or doesn’t care about us, we’re fans of someone who gave everything for us. God alone is worthy of our praise. No one else should get a louder cheer than He. I am a fan of God.

Are YOU a fan of God?