While you were sleeping…

Message By: Adrianna Rubio

When it comes down to it, we judge people and ourselves. There is a difference in how God sees us and how we see ourselves/people. People look at who we are and they see who are are. They see past sins, old habits and our lives before Christ. Sometimes people don’t accept the change we’ve made in our lives and think we’re spiritually dead. God, however, sees who we can be; he looks inside and he knows that we’re going to sin, we’re going to fail yet he still calls us and sees who the great servants we can be in Him.

When we look at the story of Adam (Genesis 2:21-22), God used what was already inside of him to make Eve. He made him fall into big sleep and he saw what he could make through Adam and brought forth Eve. Adam had no say, he was just asleep. Sometimes people think you’re dead or sleeping, but even while you’re asleep, God is working in your life. But you see, while you were sleeping a new blessing was revealed, just like in Adam’s case. It is already inside of you, you wake up and you see “wow, Look at what was inside of me!” God uses your skills, the ones he gave you, to do good for him.

God doesn’t want to change who you are, just like he made Peter a fisher of men knowing that he was a fisher, he can use the skills he has already given you to use them for His glory. It doesn’t matter if people don’t see it, it is inside of you, you were born with it!

David didn’t look like a king. He was smelly, dirty, a little shepherd boy. He ended up fighting Goliath, fighting demons with his harp and being an awesome king. You see, once the seed is planted inside the woman, pregnancy happens. Women go through vomiting, headaches, labor pains, birth. Same with us, the enemy attacks us, hurts us, we get fleshly desires and we go through many trials, but once the birth pains are gone, our blessing is revealed. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Yes.

Ask Him to reveal Himself to you, to use you. When He uses us for His glory (John 14:12-13), the blind will see, the mute will talk, the lame will walk, the depression will be gone, the homosexuality will be gone. Through the power of Jesus Christ, the power to heal, to break chains, to show the world who He is. He can do it through you.

So many youth out there need Jesus. He can use to reach them, but you have to fight for it. It is a life or death situation, let’s do it together, let’s grow together. GET READY, GET SET, GROW!