When is it my turn to be successful?

Have you ever been bothered by someone else’s success? Maybe someone has gotten a new job, and you’re still waiting on someone to call you for an interview. It could be someone got the promotion at work that rightfully belong to you. Or maybe you got a B- on an exam which you studied so hard, when your friend received an A and didn’t put any effort into studying. Maybe your friends are off getting married, and you are still single. Maybe you are married and you would like to start a family, but aren’t having any luck.

I can go on and on and give you plenty of other examples that you might possibly have been through; but what I want to do is give you hope, and encouragement.

Just because you know of others “moving up in the world” doesn’t mean you are stagnant. It could feel like you are and it can be very frustrating and overwhelming just to think about it, but I guarantee you that if you keep your eyes focused on your goal you will achieve it. Personally, what gives me a peace of mind is that I know God is still working in me, He’s still putting together my blessing. As long as I stay focused and do my part, I know God will be glorified. Psalms 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God”. That tells me God is in total control, and I have no choice but to fully put my trust in Him, and know He’s got it handled.

See, sometimes God doesn’t think you are ready for “your success”yet, he just wants a little bit more from you. Our job is to be patient, pray, seek, and once He knows you are ready, He will give you your heart’s desire when you least expect it.

Think about what you have been waiting for.

Do you have peace in your heart? Do you feel stuck?