The Power of the Oil

If you want to see a miracle in your life you have to be clean and empty. He says give me an empty vessel and I will give you a miracle. You’re either full of trash or full of treasures.

2 Kings 4:3-7

You don’t need to be qualified, you don’t need to get puffed up because the miracle is not in the vessel it is in the oil. You’re not worth anything without that oil. If God finds an empty and clean vessel he will do amazing things through you– he will preach through you, heal through you, prophesy through you! God doesn’t need superstars, he just needs someone to say “God here I am, use me”. Someone that says that no matter what they have to give up because it doesn’t make them a clean and empty vessel, they would do it because they love the God of the oil more than friends, boyfriends, girlfriends. He can make you clean, but you need to be willing to separate yourself for him.

He needs an empty, clean vessel.