Remove Your Mask

All of us at some point wear a mask. The enemy day and night tries to entangle us and entice us to put on the mask of sin. The word of God says in Ephesians to put on the full armor of God. But you see, most of us fail to do that sometimes. When it was time for kings to go to war David stayed behind (2 Samuel 11), he failed to put on his armor that day. He decided commit this act with Bathsheba and came to a realization in Psalm 51 of what he had done. David was a man after God’s own heart, but that day became somebody who put a mask on, just like anybody else. NEVER THINK YOURE ABOVE AN ACT OF THE ENEMY. Satan wants nothing more than to catch you in a web. Have you ever been caught in a spider web that you walked through a door? Sin is like that web, you don’t see that it’s there but when you walk through it you become entangled in it. If you knew it was there, you wouldn’t walk through it. Every decision that you make that isn’t based on God’s word, you have the potential of becoming entangled in that spider web. The bible talks about the sin that so easily entangles us. (Hebrews 12:1). It is easy to fall into sin. David had a realization of where he was (Psalm 51).

Perhaps you know what you need to do. You know you need to get close to that Word. You’ve heard it before, you know you need to get close…Every time… Satan is always going to put something in front of you to distract you. But David prayed this prayer, it says it was a prayer of repentance.

Psalm 51:1-6

When you get into God’s word what it says in psalm 51:6, He provides wisdom in His word, you don’t know what decision to make? Get in God’s word. The Word of God will not return void.

The average age of boys starting to view pornography is 8 years old. It’s a disease. It’s a cancer that has come upon our society. It has plagued our church, our young people and our adults. Even if you don’t commit the act, but if you’ve thought about it, you’ve done it. Thats what it says in the Word.

David, a man after God’s own heart committed a terrible sin. But you see, he removed his mask in Psalm 51.

Are you willing to remove your mask?