Kindness Month

Introducing Acts of Kindness Series from August 30th – September 23rd – officially ending at the Federation for the Homeless.

This will be a set of 4 Wednesdays where we will do group kindness activities. Beginning with August 30th we will meet up at church at 7pm – prepare to launch out to go to Christina’s house: Sing 1-2 acoustic old school songs – vibrant and full of life, bring groceries, make thoughtful posters, bring a sugar free, low fat dessert. So on each Wednesday we will journey together to a selected elderly home and do 3-4 kind activities which include the above.


September 6th 7pm: Group Activity Start Location: 21 Woodcliff Ave. Monticello, NY 12701
September 13th 7pm: Group Activity Start Location: 21 Woodcliff Ave. Monticello, NY 12701
September 20th 7pm: Group Activity Start Location: 21 Woodcliff Ave. Monticello, NY 12701
September 23rd 12pm Group Event: Location: Federation For The Homeless

Kindness Series – PDF DOWNLOAD

The second part of this series is that Unplugged members are encouraged from August 30th – September 23rd to do any of the following activities (on their own) at any time of the week. These are outside of our Wednesday group activities. Here’s the kindness challenge for everyone during this month: pick 10+ activities to complete this month on your own – you can repeat the same activity (this list is strictly taken from the survey we made last Wednesday).

List Of Ideas for your Kindness Challenge:

PICK THE ACTIVITIES YOU’RE CHOOSING AND THE TIMES (1, 2 or 3, etc) YOU WILL BE REPEATING THEM. Count the times and it should sum up to 10 or more.
1: Pray for 3 strangers and offer them the prayer of salvation if they’re not saved.
2: Learn something new about a person.
3: Pay for someone behind you at any fast food restaurant of choice. Buy food for someone.
4: Buy gift card for someone.
5: Give a ride to someone in need.
6: Go to a sports practice with one of UYouth members or a teenager you know.
7: Offer babysitting for a parent and encourage them to go on a date night.
8: Do laundry for someone at the laundry mat.
9: Write anonymous encouraging/bible verse notes and leave them in random places.
10: Ask someone sitting on their own to have a meal with you.
11: Prepare your own bible study and give class one Wednesday.
12: Go to the hospital and pray over a sick person or a newborn or new parents.
13: Teach someone at your job how to pray.
14: Only say and think positive for the whole month, encourage your siblings spiritually.
15: Pay for someone’s car wash.
16: Go to a grocery store and purchase the food for someone at the line.