He is not done with you yet!!

Have you ever felt like giving up in life? 

Perhaps it could be getting rid of all your responsibilities, running away from your problems, quitting everything you had worked hard for, or maybe in a more serious matter, thought about suicide?

In these difficult times we live in, sadly, it is almost the norm to feel like this. So how do we get out of this funk? And you may ask yourself, why is it that the only person feeling this way is you?

It can almost seem discouraging when you see everyone around you happy and their life what seems like it’s  well put together. Now, whether this may be true, someone down the line is also going through difficult circumstances. 

But going back to the question, how I do I get out of this funk? 

It’s important to understand the position you are in. What I mean by this is not being in denial of your current state.

Seek the help necessary, whether its talking to a mentor or spiritual leader, seeking professional help if it’s something very serious. But also, what helps me is PRAYER! 

Yes I know it sounds cliché, but there is power in prayer! When we come before God with our hearts in our hands calling out to Him in the name of Jesus, all of the sudden peace comes before us. Though still in the midst of our trouble, peace surrounds us. Suddenly we feel a sense of boldness of trust. 

Can you trust God in the midst of your affliction? Can you trust him to know that if you are still breathing, he is not done with you yet!

Written by Mairyn