God’s Desires For Joshua’s Generation

Deuteronomy 1-5

As we continue our study the journey of the young people that God brought into the promise land, we learn from the mistakes of the older folks in the time of Numbers. Moses here teaches these young people, “look, God has delivered you so many times before, He will continue with His plan for you, but keep OBEYING the Lord, Do not fail at this or you will be cursed!” Just as much, being delivered from your old life is to learn to walk by faith and to become strong in the Lord as you’re in
growth and development. But God doesn’t want us to spend your whole life in the wilderness.

If you constantly fail to rely on the Spirit of God to live a christian life, you will always live in the wilderness.

It was God’s desire all along to bring them into the land that flows milk and honey. It was not God’s desire that they perish
in the wilderness. That was a tragedy of failure on their part and it was a lack of faith. They failed to enter
in by faith to that which God had promised to them. God had laid it out and said, “Here it is. It’s yours.”
But they saw the giants in the land and the high-walled cities instead of God. They got their eyes
upon the obstacles rather of than the power of God to remove the obstacles…

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Credits: Pastor Chuck Smith, Blue Letter Bible Study Tools, Transformation Study Bible.