Be Still


Mark 4:35-41

Most of the time we get caught up with the stress and busyness of our lives. We tend to get so involved in our own issues and problems and create big storms for ourselves. 

In ministry when problems arise among your peers you may seem like you’re drowning. You’re scared that you may loose everything you worked so hard for. The waves of gossip start hitting you left and right, you start letting the waves into your mouth and nose making it difficult to breathe, which is causing you brain damage because you can’t get oxygen into your brain because you keep listening to all the negativity around you.


Desperately you are looking for the ultimate Lifeguard of the Lifeguards to come rescue you. Meanwhile, He was always right next to you. You were just caught up with the waves you couldn’t see Him. Just then when you thought you lost all hope He tells you “why have you such little faith? Be still and know that I am God, know that I am the creator, know that everything and everyone must obey me, know that even with the small faith you have, I will show you my many wonders. The reason you are in this situation is because I am testing you. I am testing your faith. I have allowed this to happen to you because I am that I am! So be still my child and increase your faith because I got your back.”


 Devotional by: Mairyn Paredes Torres